We make and deliver the true value of handmade products.

Based on the principle of Expainding Quality, we treat our products and customers with sincerity at every moment.

That's why we're proud of everything we've created.


True Value of Handicraft

Can ‘naturality-natural but rough quality’ be real value immanent in handicraft? It has been conventionally misunderstood for a tolerance to unsophisticated finish caused by manual work. However, this credo is far from the real worth of craftsmanship.  

 The handicraft value is not rewarded by longer manufacturing time consumption but by ‘inimitable quality’ generated from craftsmen’s responsibility and endurance to perform their missions. This is a true value of handicraft differentiated from mass products.

 Arte di mano’s handmade process is for perfect quality only. We believe that sincerity to quality will make our painstaking work rewarded and position ourselves as a best player in the leather craft world.

Expanding Quality

 “Expanding Quality” is the most important value of JnK-Handwork’s unique quality control system. From choosing leather to cutting, sewing, finishing, and packing. Instead of focusing on mass production, we aim to deliver high quality products through our elaborate quality control system that encompasses every process that affects our final product.

We also try to expand the scope and period of quality that our customers will experience with our products, by training our staffs on proper techniques and services that will ensure that our products’ quality will improve through proper aftercare service.

Furthermore, we will never stop our efforts to improve the quality of our goods and services, and we will keep trying to expand our range of quality to provide better products. 

Thank you for purchasing our product.

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